Geo Cuff Copper Bracelet

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Our goal at Sasa Designs is to create timeless and flexible pieces that can be worn with a variety of outfits and in a variety of contexts. We're proud of how our metal pieces, in collaboration with metal workers in Kenya, Mexico and Zambia, can be dressed up or down. We've specially designed our cuffs to fit securely, even on small wrists - though they're adjustable to fit larger wrists as well. The unique oval shape ensures they lay comfortably on the wrist - addressing the "bulky" issue that keeps many women from choosing a cuff. Lightweight and unique in design, the Geo Cuff is a great cuff on its own, or layered alongside one of our wraps or other pieces in your collection. The Copper Geo Cuff is made in Zambia by women working to empower themselves through handmade production utilizing one of their country's most plentiful natural resources.