Using local materials is an increasingly important part of the Sasa Designs model. As our artisans are beaders, we support expert crafts people locally who create bone, horn and metal pieces that we can use in our designs. This gives our artisans a lot of pride to know that their work supports local businesses, and Nancy, Dinah, Megan and Anna have all enjoyed the "adventure" of tracking down the very best supplies. As you can see, designing and purchasing our components is not like a typical trip to Michael's or Beverly's Craft store! Not even a little bit...

1) The walking journey to our bone carver's place after heavy rains 2) Quality! 3) A local carver creating bone beadsĀ  and Dinah, doing quality control on our custom order with our bone carver 4) Creative re-purposing of an old saw and piece of foam and bone beads after their first cut, before polishing and sanding 6) Driving to meet one of our newest partners at their workshop 7) Megan and Ken - our newest local sourcing partner. Ken studied International Relations in university but has found his art provided a more consistent source of income. We told him that by partnering with us he is supporting international trade, and is part of a much larger community growing the artisan arena. Groups like Sasa Designs and so many others are breaking down market and trade barriers every day to bring artisan goods to the larger market. His smile got even bigger as we talked about this - what a gift to work together.

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